XII Firma 2023 online


Felicito a mi amigo el Dr. César Lodeiros Seijo y todo su equipo organizador por el gran éxito del XII FIRMA 2023, evento virtual que contó con el registro de más de 7,000 personas y en el que se presentaron conferencias magistrales y mesas de discusión de temas de suma importancia para nuestro sector.

Agradezco por la oportunidad brindada para presentar en este evento una conferencia magistral con respecto a los mercados de carbono y su potencial futuro para la pesca y acuacultura. Estos mercados poco a poco se consolidan como una alternativa de ingresos para la actividad acuícola y pesquera.

Felicidades de nueva cuenta por este gran esfuerzo de organización y coordinación. Pendientes para la XIII edición !!

XII Ibero-American Forum on Marine Resources and Aquaculture

I would like to thank the organizers of the XII Ibero-American Forum on Marine Resources and Aquaculture for providing me with the space to present the Keynote Lecture “Carbon markets and their potential impact on fisheries and aquaculture”.

This is a topic of great relevance in other economic sectors worldwide, but it is just beginning to be known in our sector. The generation of carbon certificates for subsequent commercialization in specialized markets can not only be a source of financing for fishing and aquaculture operations, but also a great contribution to the sustainability of these activities.

I invite you to review the entire program, there are a variety of topics of importance that will surely be of great interest.

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VIII Workshop on Financing in Aquaculture, a great success.

Organized by the U.S. Soybean Exporters Council (USSEC), the VIII Aquaculture Investment Workshop was held in Miami a few days ago. This high-level event brought together 100 experts and specialists in various aspects of aquaculture, who gathered to discuss four topics in panels: Opportunities and Challenges, Technology and Innovation, Access and Relevant Market Issues, and Financing, Banking and Investment. It was discussed how these issues impact the current situation and prospects of aquaculture globally, as well as their influence on the flow of investment into this sector. Soon I will share, in this space, some of the conclusions and highlights of this meeting.

Roberto Arosemena, President and CEO of NDC Consulting Group participated as Coordinator and Moderator of the Access and Relevant Market Issues Panel, sharing with high-level experts such as George Chamberlain, Roberto F., Stephen Gunther, Aidan Connolly, José Antonio Camposano, Pablo K., Patrick Bornhausen Roulet, Daniel Benetti, Alfredo Nicastro, among others.

Congratulations to USSEC, Jairo Amézquita and the entire team for once again carrying out an event characterized by its impeccable organization and coordination.

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Chamberlain from Global Aquaculture Alliance

I was very happy to meet my friend George Chamberlain again at the recent USSEC event in Miami. Looking back, I remembered that we met in 1996 during the meeting of the World Aquaculture Society in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, when he was its president.

At that meeting, of which for some reason, I have a clear memory, an unscheduled meeting was held in which George began to socialize the idea of creating an organization dedicated to promoting sustainability in aquaculture. The following year, this vision was concretized in the formation of the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), of which George was president until recently.

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Business Formality Favors the Capitalization of Companies.

I share with you my column in the January-February edition of Panorama Acuícola, where we commented on the importance of business formality of aquaculture companies to facilitate private investment in them. If you are interested in learning more about the subject and the investment options that your company may have, contact me, we will be happy to talk.


I recommend you to read the entire magazine, there is a lot of valuable information, send me an email and I will gladly send you the complete magazine in PDF. On page 50 you will find the full column.

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