Chamberlain from Global Aquaculture Alliance

I was very happy to meet my friend George Chamberlain again at the recent USSEC event in Miami. Looking back, I remembered that we met in 1996 during the meeting of the World Aquaculture Society in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, when he was its president.

At that meeting, of which for some reason, I have a clear memory, an unscheduled meeting was held in which George began to socialize the idea of creating an organization dedicated to promoting sustainability in aquaculture. The following year, this vision was concretized in the formation of the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), of which George was president until recently.

The GAA began as a science-based response to environmentalist criticisms of aquaculture development. However, it quickly evolved into the establishment of Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification standards, which have become the benchmark in our sector.

Throughout his career, George has been involved in several aquaculture companies in Hawaii and Asia, and has worked with some of the world’s leading food companies on matters related to aquaculture and sustainability. Currently, he holds the position of President at the Center for Responsible Fisheries and Aquaculture, where they focus on regenerative aquaculture, that is, a step beyond sustainability.

George enjoys the appreciation and recognition of the global aquaculture community due to his great contribution to our sector, especially for his role in promoting aquaculture as a sustainable activity. However, much of this appreciation comes from his humility and simplicity, as well as his always kind treatment of everyone… This is what truly makes it great.

A big hug, George!