The phrase presented in the illustration may seem radical, but it effectively communicates the importance of solid planning as a key to success for those who implement it. Whether as novice entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs, experienced professionals or members of work teams, planning will always be essential.

A good plan allows you to align the various aspects of a project, such as technology, market, finance, regulations, among others, thus optimizing the definition of actions and the allocation of resources.
Among the most significant benefits of a plan are:

– Set clear goals and objectives.
– Define the direction and concentrate resources and efforts.
– Anticipate, mitigate or resolve risks that may arise along the way.
– Foresee and manage the necessary resources in a timely manner.
– Facilitate and strengthen the decision-making process.
– Boost productivity and efficiency, among others.

It is crucial to prevent the planning process from hindering project execution, avoiding “paralysis by analysis”. Some experts suggest that having 70% of the validated information is enough to get started, avoiding inaction due to excessive planning.

Flexibility is another essential feature that a plan must possess during its implementation. It is essential to constantly validate the original plan and adjust it as new information or circumstances not considered in the initial planning stage arise.

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