After several months of trying to match, I finally had the opportunity to meet with Karlotta Rieve, Project Manager at Hatch Blue.

Hatch Blue, with offices around the world, is a globally recognized company dedicated to investment in aquaculture and alternative investments in seafood. Its Hatch I and Hatch II Funds have focused on emerging companies, start-ups, and the Blue Revolution Fund, which is about to start, will focus on venture capital.

The firm offers acceleration programs aimed at companies involved in sustainable solutions and consulting services to companies and governments around the world through its business unit, Hatch Innovation Services.

Karlotta is a person with an energy and enthusiasm for her work that is contagious. For years I have followed his work focused mainly on the macroalgae cultivation industry worldwide. She is the author and contributor to several publications that are industry benchmarks and continuously participates in international forums sharing her vision of the great potential of macroalgae.

I expressed NDC’s interest in developing channels that allow the flow of investment to projects related to the aquaculture value chain in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the same way, we had a very productive exchange of ideas and visions to generate schemes that allow the commercial cultivation of tropical macroalgae in Latin America.

Karlotta has a very complicated agenda, when she is not in Korea, she is in Indonesia, India, Norway, the United Kingdom or the Philippines, among others. That is why I thank you for giving me the opportunity for this meeting.

Being two people infected by the same virus (that of passion for aquaculture) it was to be expected that we would lack time. However, the commitment to continue developing these issues and exploring collaboration between Hatch and NDC remained on the table and very firm….. This story continues.