For projects related to the sustainable use and enhancement of marine, coastal and inland water resources. It seeks to responsibly harness the biological resources and services that these ecosystems can offer, while promoting conservation and environmental protection.


🩺Analysis and Diagnosis.
🔁Process Optimization.
📈Organizational development.
🧭Strategy development.
🛠️Implementing Changes
🎯Problem solving.
🏗️Capacity building.
🏆Advice on decision-making.
🔎Identification of growth opportunities.
Improvement of organizational culture.
🥽Environmental regulations.
🎀Complete investment projects.


📦Mycotoxin absorbents
🧬Prebiotics, Probiotics and vitamins. 
🧩Organic minerals
🎫Yeast and Derivatives
🏭Machinery for grains and seeds
🧪Laboratory instruments


Power supply.
🔧Machinery maintenance.
♻️Storm clean up.