Most of the things that happen in our lives are out of our control. However, the effect they will have on our lives depends largely on the way we react to them. It is there where we have the power that sometimes we do not capture, it is not what happens to us, it is how we DECIDE to respond to it.

Do we get scared and run away or do we face problems and solve them ? are we paralyzed by fear, or do we take them as a challenge that strengthens our resilience?
Recognizing first that we can do it and then making the decisions that need to be made is not easy, let alone comfortable. We need to stop blaming others, or fate, for the situation that guards our lives and accept responsibility that what happens in them is the result of the choices we make, or don’t make. The drivers of our lives are ourselves.

May this phrase always be in our consciousness in this year that is just beginning and may we all have the courage to apply it to release the tremendous power it has, so much so, to change our lives and turn them into what we want them to be.
Why did we publish this with the signature of NDC? Because we believe that a better person will always be a better CEO or General Manager and if you apply these principles in your personal life you will also do them in your company, with the same results.