Having clear goals and objectives is perhaps one of the most recurrent themes that we find in books on self-improvement and organizational development. However, it is one of the most ignored as well.

We focus on mastering the use of tools such as time management, strategic planning, leadership, technology, etc., and with this we want to design the direction and strategy with which we walk through personal and company life.

However, if we do not really know what our destination is, the above is of no great value. We will be building paths through trial and error, spending time and energy, only to change direction over and over again, wasting the potential we have to become the best version we can be of ourselves and our companies.

Let’s stop to “sharpen the axe.” Let’s dedicate quality time to reflect deeply and define precisely what we want our destination to be, and then we have to apply all the tools and strategies that will lead us to it.